Margaux 🇫🇷

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                   Name/Nombre                                           Margaux                            

                   Age/Edad                                                      23

                   Country, city/ País, ciudad                      France


Level of Spanish at the beginning of the project/ Nivel de Español al comienzo del proyecto: 

Something between A2 and B1. I knew the basics but had difficulties to speak.

Describe yourself with 3 words/  Descríbete con 3 palabras: 

Curious, adventurous,motivated

I can´t live without/ No puedo vivir sin: Nothing. That’s not good to depend on things 😊

Why did you choose to do an EVS?/ ¿Por qué decidiste hacer un SVE?The idea of doing an EVS came during my last year of Master. I was not totally ready to get into the active life and, being fond of cultural adventures, being a volunteer in another country for ten months seemed to be the perfect choice.

Why did you choose Spain/ ¿Por qué elegiste España?

Spain was chosen in order to improve my Spanish and be able to speak fluently.

You are a volunteer in…/ Tú eres voluntari@ en…:

About my association, called Asociacion Cultural of San Pablo, they participate to the well-being of the children and families of the neighborhood. As a volunteer, I support the educators during the academic support and the free time but also during the different trips organized by the association.

… and you  choose this association/… y por qué elegiste esta asociación?  

It was the association that corresponded the best to what I was expecting to do and learn during my EVS.

Your  first impression of Madrid/ Tu primera impresión de Madrid:

“Que calor!” “Que barato es!” That sums up my first impression of Madrid as someone coming from Paris. I really had a good impression of Madrid, the transports, the locals, the typical Spanish food…. I was not disappointed.

Tell me something about your country I may not know/ Dime algo sobre tu país que puedo no saber:

In France, when you greet a friend, you can give him from 1 to 5 kisses on the cheek depending in which region you are.

Your plans and goals after the project/ Tus planes y objetivos después del proyecto…  

If I have the opportunity to find a job in Madrid, I will probably stay and if not, I will comeback to France and to my fabulous cheeses! 😊